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EU DataViz

EU DataViz is an international conference on open data and data visualisation addressing the needs of the public sector across the EU. It is organised by the OP and the first edition was in 2019, followed by the second edition in 2021 as part of the EU Open Data Days.

In a nutshell, the conference addressed how to translate complex issues and knowledge into digestible and relevant language that resonates with EU citizens and policymakers. Additionally, it helps to explore and analyse data to develop better policies.

Featuring expert speakers, EU DataViz 2021 provided an overview of innovative techniques and best practices used in both the private and the public sectors, offering the participants valuable insights into open-data and data-visualisation techniques and practices. The recordings, programme and presentations are available on the website.

Watch the video on EU Open Data Days and discover the EU DataViz event:

Data visualisation on

Following the organisation of the first EU DataViz (2019), we created one section under data.europa academy on data visualisation to offer deeper understanding on this topic, its potential benefits and the necessary techniques to visualise open data.

You can watch the EU DataViz webinars, inviting speakers to present their best practices and innovative techniques regarding data visualisation.